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David Nutter is a national speaker, author, Feng Shui Master, Reiki Master, and is Certified as an Instructor in both T'ai Chi and two schools of Karate. He started studying ancient cultures and metaphysics over 30 years ago and draws on his comprehensive knowledge of these subjects in his writing and teaching. He has the unique ability to make even the most complex concepts easy, understandable, and fun.
The Basics of Feng Shui
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Details on The Basics of Feng Shui

There are several schools of Feng Shui. My book is a blend of what I have tested over the last 20 years and what I know works! If an enhancement had a minimum rate of 80% in deflecting sha-qi (negative Ch’i) or maximizing positive Ch’i, it is included in my book.

My main core is the Tibetan Buddhist School (also known as “Black Hat” or “Black Sect”) of Feng Shui but you will also find traditional Chinese enhancements from both the Form and Compass Schools. 

In my easy to follow book, you will discover how to bring increased money flow, good health, love, and happiness into your life through the ancient art and science of Feng Shui. 

A recent review by Mr. Robin Gile, author of The Complete Idiots Guide To Palmistry stated:

“A truly remarkable book!

I have read most of the books on Feng Shui available today and The Basics of Feng Shui is one of the easiest to read and to follow books on the subject that I have ever seen!

I have found that most Feng Shui authors seem to try to keep the art of Feng Shui dark and oblique. Finally, someone has made manifesting what you want in your life through Feng Shui easy and fun!

I also must say that I find Mr. Nutter’s use of minerals and crystals as an energy enhancement in Feng Shui quite intriguing!”



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