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David Nutter is a national speaker, author, Feng Shui Master, Reiki Master, and is Certified as an Instructor in both T'ai Chi and two schools of Karate. He started studying ancient cultures and metaphysics over 35 years ago and draws on his comprehensive knowledge of these subjects in his writing and teaching. He has the unique ability to make even the most complex concepts easy, understandable, and fun.
The Basics of Feng Shui
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Using Minerals, Crystals and Gemstones in Feng Shui

Introduction To Using Minerals, Crystals, and Gemstones in Feng Shui.

After years of study and experimentation, I have found that placing certain minerals, gemstones, and/or crystals in the appropriate "life areas" is an extremely powerful Feng Shui enhancement.

I have the original copyright in using minerals in Feng Shui and you will find my Mineral Empowerment Feng Shui to be unique and most beneficial in both balancing the energy in your environment and in manifesting what you wish to attract into your life.

Buy my book, "The Basics of Feng Shui," and read Chapter 21. There I have listed the six most powerful stones to place in all nine of the "life areas." In my experimentation, I would place nothing except a certain stone in a "life area" (for instance placing only rhodochrosite in the LOVE "life area"). If doing this had an 80% or better success rate, I listed that stone. The stones are also listed in priority. The stone listed as number one was the most powerful, the stone listed as number two was the second most powerful, etc.

I strongly encourage you to try my Mineral Empowerment Feng Shui.



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