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David Nutter is a national speaker, author, Feng Shui Master, Reiki Master, and is Certified as an Instructor in both T'ai Chi and two schools of Karate. He started studying ancient cultures and metaphysics over 35 years ago and draws on his comprehensive knowledge of these subjects in his writing and teaching. He has the unique ability to make even the most complex concepts easy, understandable, and fun.
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Self Empowerment Life Coaching

An Introduction to Life Coaching

I always allow a client to help build their own developement strategy. There are things going wrong in my clients lives that they want to change but there are good things happening too. Most people are not aware of their strengths, but with help, they learn that they are stronger than they believe.
Life Coaching is all about bringing out my client's potentials and possibilities. It is a growth journey. If I plant an acorn, with help and weather, it becomes a great oak tree. The important thing to remember is that all I did was plant an acorn and take steps to help it grow. In reality, the oak tree grew on it's own.

The difference between therapy and Life Coaching is therapy teaches a patient a technique or skill to help them become aware of something and learn how to deal with it. A Life Coach doesn't teach people what to do, they help them learn how to do it. This leaves my clients stronger and with the ability to use their new skill to flow into other aspects of their life. It is not "healing" or "coping" - the goal is to empower you.

Self Empowerment For Men and Women

Discover how to attain balance and wholeness in your total Being!

I will help teach you to:

1. Express yourself and what you really want!

2. Free yourself from the fears and "mind sets" which have imprisoned you!

3. Open the channels to true courage!

4. Fan the flames of your hero's/heroine's glow!

5. Take command of your life to attain the destiny of your choice!


As sessions are by phone, I am available to anyone in the world. The cost per session is only $100 for one hour or $150 for 1 1/2 hours. The sessions are generally one week apart so that you have time to utilize what you have learned.


David "Phoenix" Nutter has over 20 years of self empowerment coaching experience and over 30 years experience in martial arts. He is a Certified T'ai Chi Instructor and holds Black Belts in two systems of Karate.

David has been trained to teach self empowerment from several systems of martial, emotional, mental, and spiritual modalities.


Call now to start your sessions at 304-366-2578 or email me at david@sacredmountainfengshuiinc.com.




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