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David Nutter is a national speaker, author, Feng Shui Master, Reiki Master, and is Certified as an Instructor in both T'ai Chi and two schools of Karate. He started studying ancient cultures and metaphysics over 35 years ago and draws on his comprehensive knowledge of these subjects in his writing and teaching. He has the unique ability to make even the most complex concepts easy, understandable, and fun.
The Basics of Feng Shui
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Careers in Feng Shui

1st Level – Feng Shui Student

Your career starts with laying a foundation to build on. You must start by learning the basics of Feng Shui through our school at Sacred Mountain Feng Shui and to always remember, utilize, and build your knowledge, and yourself, upon this foundation.

To move forward into a career, you must take all four parts of the Beginners Feng Shui Series or both parts of the Intensive Beginners Feng Shui Series. With this foundation, you go on to the second requirement by taking all parts of the Intermediate Feng Shui Series or the Intensive Intermediate Feng Shui Class. Cost of these classes depends on where they are held (see below for contact information).

I also offer the Advanced Feng Shui Series, but it is not necessary to take these classes to apply for your next step in a career.

2nd Level – Apprenticeship in Feng Shui

Your next step is to apply for an apprenticeship through Sacred Mountain Feng Shui. The cost is $1200, which can be paid monthly at $100 per month. The apprentice fee includes the fee for Feng Shui Apprentice and Feng Shui Consultant. It also reimburses us for training, record keeping, etc. The apprentice must show devotion to learning by completing the required readings and attending a monthly “Sharing Circle” (not required if you live outside of our area) where we discuss ideas, consultations, research, and the changes Feng Shui has made in our lives and in the lives of others.

You immediately start “in the field” training by accompanying a Feng Shui Consultant, Consultant and Teacher, or Master on at least five consultations. On these consultations, you will make a list of recommendations for the Feng Shui client as if you had been there on your own. You then meet with or, depending on where you live, phone or email your mentor to compare what you recommended for the home/office consultation with his/her recommendations. This greatly increases your self confidence in your abilities enough that you will begin to set up Feng Shui consultation appointments with friends, family, neighbors, and/or co-workers on your own. Upon your completion of your recommendations, you meet or discuss with your mentor before you see your client to be graded on your recommendations. You can not charge a fee to your Feng Shui clients for these consultations. However, you can accept donations (by giving the client a red envelope to give you a blessing for your efforts) and you can sell your clients the Feng Shui supplies they need to complete their consultation at retail price, which you bought at distribution price, anywhere between 20% to 50% off retail. Most of our apprentices have earned between $4,000 - $8,000 their first year through donations and providing supplies. This more than offsets the cost of the apprenticeship. An apprentice, and all levels above apprentice, also receives a 10% discount on any class offered by Sacred Mountain Feng Shui.

When you have completed at least 20 homes or offices with no errors on the last three consultations in a row, you will graduate to your first level in a rewarding career helping others realize their dreams.

3rd Level – Feng Shui Consultant

Once you reach Certified Feng Shui Consultant, you hone your skills by completing more required reading, attending (unless you live outside the area) the monthly “Sharing Circle,” and completing as many actual, and hypothetical, consultations as possible. At this level, there are also required CE (Continuing Education) credits, which must be completed within a one-year period, offered through Sacred Mountain Feng Shui.

You can now accept a monetary energy exchange – generally a flat hourly charge. We do, however, ask that you do not charge more or less than other Consultants, Consultant and Teachers, or Masters from our school who are in your general area. We want everyone to grow and prosper but not by undercutting your peers or overcharging the public. As in Feng Shui, we need to maintain a balance.

Your income at this level depends on how much you wish to do but we have never known of a consultant who has not earned $25,000 per year. The national average is approximately $80,000 per year. Once you have completed 50 or more homes and/or businesses, you can apply for graduation to the next level in your career.

4th Level – Feng Shui Consultant and Teacher

Now that you have reached this new pinnacle, you can now not only do consultations, you may also teach classes in the Art and Science of Feng Shui. You now have experienced enough situations in performing Feng Shui consultations to relate to others the experiences you have gained on all levels.

The cost for this level is $600 total, which can be paid incrementally at $50 per month. Again, we ask that you do not charge more or less for classes than your peers from our school. There will be a higher level of required readings. CE’s and “Sharing Circles,” if you live in the area, are always required to “keep your edge.”

At this level, we may also ask you to work with us as much as possible at Sacred Mountain Feng Shui, Inc. For example, you may be asked to help by taking apprentices with you to some of your Feng Shui appointments. You will, of course, receive a payment for helping to teach another aspiring Consultant. Those reaching this level, gaining the additional income from teaching, average $80,000 per year. Again, the potential is only limited by your own mind.

When you have completed 100 or more consultations on homes or businesses, helped to promote our school and the Art and Science of Feng Shui, and can produce a number of testimonials from Feng Shui Clients and students you have personally taught, you can now apply for the highest level to enhance your career.

5th Level – Feng Shui Master

At this level, you can do consultations, teach classes, and take on your own apprentices. The cost for this level is $600 which can be paid incrementally at $50 a month. Again, continued study, CE’s and “Sharing Circles,” if you live in the area, are required.

We also require that you have your apprentices maintain contact with us. When you graduate your apprentice to consultant, we are signing their certificate (along with you) in acknowledgement of the person and their accomplishments in the Art and Science of Feng Shui.

With devotion, time, networking, and basic business skills, a six-figure income is the average for a Feng Shui Master, but the true benefits are how far you have gone in your own development and in the development of everyone whose life you have touched with your wisdom.


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